Puut Wallet

The world's first leather wallet replacement application

Puut Wallet is a leather wallet replacement application that is primary aiming at helping users get rid of their cumbersome big fat leather wallet by mobilising its content in a way that is seamless, secure and social; while also providing a gateway for service providers, banks, merchants and governments to provision it.

Puut Wallet has the capability to contain everything that is today hosted in the leather wallet, this goes from ID card, driving license, biometric passports to loyalty card, vouchers, receipts, mobile money and payment cards,. Moreover content from other wallets can be pushed or pulled into Puut Wallet. Additional social features allow users to create city-based shopping groups that can collectively purchase items from a local store at greater discount, which also makes Puut Wallet a good place to start a crowdfunding campaign.

Money sharing

Puut Wallet disrupts banking by overcoming current barriers of single banking source and makes international transactions and use even easier.

With your mobile wallet you can pay at stores with NFC based terminals.

Sharing money with friends and family domestically or internationally is made easy, safe and convenient with Puut Wallet.

Card replacement

Puut Wallet lets you receive and stores countless credit and debit cards and allows you to pick up the card you want to use.

Moreover you can receive and store your loyalty cards, student cards, library card, photo ID in your Puut Wallet.

Ticket - paper replacement

You can receive store and use your event tickets, travel tickets and boarding passes in Puut Wallet.

Puut Wallet stores your receipts automatically when you use it to pay at stores

Social features

Puut Wallet enables people having shopping as a shared interest to build city-based networks and to share ideas, pictures, shopping and crowdfunding activities. Merchants can post offers on groups' shopping wall that can be accepted and paid.

Puut Wallet is entirely advertisement free.