Personal Wallets

Keep in touch with friends and families while picking up a cup of coffee on the go.

Receive relevant offers from merchants in your area based on your preferences

Capture awesome and memorable moments with your phone, tablet, or camera.

Create a photo album and share your pictures with friends and families.

Create your very own business card at Simply upload a background template and add content.

Now you are ready to share your business card with your friends using your Puut Wallet.

With Puut Wallet you can receive and store your boarding passes.

No queue at the box office. Purchase and receive your tickets direcly in your Puut Wallet.

Receipts are automatically stored when you pay using Puut Wallet. Receipts can be retrieved at any time.

With Puut Wallet you can pay, receive, and store your bills.

Puut Wallet lets you receive, store and use your ID cards, social security cards, vaccination cards, biometric passport, residence permit, student cards and visa, so you can get rid of your booklet and plastic chunk.