Robust and future-proofed digitisation solution for Card Issuers

Pushing digital cards into Puut Wallet

Puut Wallet enables cards issuers with third party applications (e.g. accounting system, CRM, card management systems) to push and securely deliver human and machine readable mobile cards (e.g. virtual loyalty card, contactless card) to Puut Wallet holders worldwide using REST API.

Service providers without third party applications may use Puut Console to push virtual and mobile cards to Puut Wallet holders.

Reporting tools

Puut Wallet offers an extended reporting tools that helps card issuers build capabilities to create strategic value and competitive edge.

Using Puut Messenger to keep in Touch

Card issuers can use the Puut Wallet broadcast feature to contact and communicate with one or thousands of customers simultaneously based on users' preferences; a good, secure and cheaper alternative to sms campaign.

Digital cards

Going Mobile Digital implies displaying on a mobile device a card with the look and feel similar to the one on paper and plastic; so that issuers and users do not have to resort to a new design and in turn change the way they function to integrate themselves with the solution. Puut Wallet allows a true plastic card replacement or a soft replication (not a copy) of a plastic card and record without any major alterations (layout, size, image and text).

Puut Wallet is appealing to issuers that are concerned about displaying human and machine readable information on a mobile device. The security and usefulness of Puut Wallet cuts across all industries and markets and enable card issuers to issue virtual cards worldwide.

Compatibility and App2App Push

Puut Wallet can be API-linked and integrated with any third party applications (e.g. CRM, accounting system, card management systems, event manager) using RESTful web services to access our server via a secure client-certificate authenticated ssl connection with up to 256 bit encryption. Card issuers are also offered the option to push their existing digital cards into the Puut Wallet so users do not have have to log onto several systems to retrieve their cards.