Robust and future-proofed digitisation solution for Service Providers

Creating and delivering digital tickets and boarding pass

Puut Wallet enables service providers with third party applications (e.g. event manager, ticketing system, boarding pass systems) to create and securely deliver human and machine readable mobile cards (e.g. event and travel tickets, boarding pass) to Puut Wallet holders worldwide using REST API. Service providers without third party applications may use Puut Console to create and deliver virtual and mobile cards to Puut Wallet holders.


  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Pay as you go
  • One investment
  • One point of entry into the wallet space
  • One thing to learn
  • Short time to market
  • Accessible worldwide

Delight Customers

A recent market survey shows that 75% of Puut Wallet holders are preferring to store their tickets and boarding pass in their Puut Wallet due to convenience. Service providers can therefore delight their customers by providing them with an option to deliver travel and event tickets and boarding passes to their customers preferred wallet.

Compatibility and App2App Push

Puut Wallet can be API-linked and integrated with any third party applications (e.g. event manager, ticketing system, boarding pass systems) using RESTful web services to access our server via a secure client-certificate authenticated ssl connection with up to 256 bit encryption. Service providers are also offered with an option to push end users existing digital ticket and boarding pass into the Puut Wallet so users do not have have to log onto several places to retrieve their tickets and/or boarding pass.