Increase your product sales and revenue using Blockchain-base AI as a platform

Increasing brand loyalty penetration

The majority of loyalty programs are designed to reward habits and transactions and not true loyalty, which has led to customers not being emotionally attached to brands. As a result Loyalty programs penetration is still very low across all categories, with the dinning, travel, big box retail, clothing, and retail banking reaching respectively 35% , 49%, 45%, 47% and 31% in 2017.

Puut Wallet Loyalty has been designed to help brands increase loyalty penetration by rewarding consumers qualitatively at every step of the way using AI. Puut Wallet Loyalty seeks to create emotional loyalty that is based on reciprocal appreciation. As a user-centric platform, Puut Wallet can help create a value continuum for brands and businesses by providing a single universal program, removing the need to join hundreds of loyalty programs. Unlike transactions and habitual loyalty systems where consumers are rewarded upon completing a purchase, Puut Wallet loyalty reward customers for every effort made towards a purchase even if the effort doe not result in an actual purchase. Emoji earned with one merchant can be redeemed with another merchant.

Personalised offering

The OpenWallet platform offers retails and internet businesses a new set of predictive tools that can be used to personalise merchants' offerings.

Robotic Process Aumation

The OpenWallet platform offers banks and financial services a versatile set of predictive tools for personalising access to financial products. As a Digital Personal Financial Assistant, Omega can turns transactions data and account history into a full-fledged report, indicating customers specific needs.

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