Blockchain-based and AI-capable biometrics-enabled digitisation solution for businesses

OpenWallet platform for businesses and institutions

Puut Wallet blockchain allow Businesses and institutions to conveniently and securely tokenise and push personal identification media into users’ digital wallets, transforming the way people interact with businesses and governments. The platform currently supports the tokenisation of e-invoices, payments cards. Acces cards, loyalty cards, receipts, boarding passes, tickets, ID cards, passports, social security cards, vaccination cards, voter’s cards, residence permits, library cards, driving licenses and visas.


The platform comes with a handfull of cryptocurrencies, which enables businesses and institutions to raise invoices in cryptocurrencies and to receive crypto payments.

An alternative to SWIFT

Financial services can use Puut Wallet’s Blockchain, as an alternative to SWIFT to provide, cheaper, faster and transparent crossborder payments, at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Openwallet for merchants

Merchants can leverage Puut Wallet to expand existing sales channels by taking advantage of its robust bidding feature to bid on user's shopping lists. Moreover Merchants can list offers on the market place, these offers are made available to Puut Wallet holders in that geographic area and can be accepted using either click to pay or click and collect @store functionality.

Automated retail services

Moreover, the retail can use Puut Wallet automated service to reduce the queue length in front of the cashiers by configuring popular products as self-collectable, making it possible for users to pick up products from shelves, to scan them with their wallet, using Puut Wallet as payment terminal and to leave the store without having to queue in front of the cashiers.

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