Currency wallets
Effortless. Secure. Mobile.

Puut wallet overcomes current barriers of single banking source and makes international transactions and use even easier. Puut Wallet supports bill payment, over the counter payment and wallet2wallet sharing.


Currency Wallets

Imagine if you could get around without your leather wallet, all the plastic cards and papers that are in it.


Personal Wallets

Receive, store and use your payment cards, loyalty cards, access cards, business cards, tickets, boarding passes, receipts and invoices.


Citizen's Wallets

Receive, store and use your passport, driving license, social security cards, library cards, residence permit, and visa Card.


Social features

While you enjoy your wallet content the world over...


Cash Wallets

Primarily connected to your bank account, the cash wallet allow you to use your pre-paid cards efficiently and effectively, by leveraging NFC and QR code technologies.


Crypto Wallets

Similarly to the cash wallet, the crypto wallet give you the possibility to spend, exchange and manage your crypto through an easy and intuitive interface.


OpenBanking Wallets

Finally, in line with the future oriented mindset of the company, Puut Wallet offer a fully organized feature to take care of Open Banking Wallet.


Cashback Wallets

Cashback wallets allow you to receive, store, use and transfer your cashback balance at any time. To start receiving cashback from your purchase, start your shopping journey at


Exchange Wallets

Whether you’re buying or selling crypto, an exchange wallet is your gateway into the crypto economy. An exchange wallet is all you need to buy and and sell crypto, to convert fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat.