Blockchain-based and AI-ready digitisation solution for businesses

Pushing digital content into Puut Wallet

Puut Wallet enables business to push and securely deliver human and machine readable content to Puut Wallet holders globally using either Puut Wallet Platform or the OpenWallet API. This is included but limited to cards, tickets, boarding passes, receipts and e-invoices.

Reporting tools

Puut Wallet offers extended reporting tools that helps businesses build capabilities to create strategic value and competitive edge.

Using Puut Messenger to keep in Touch

Businesses can use the Puut Wallet broadcast module to communicate with one or thousands of customers simultaneously based on users' preferences; a good, secure and cheaper alternative to sms.

Using Puut Wallet to engaging new customers

The Pull feature allows existing Puut Wallet users to join new loyalty programs the world over with a single tap, and without the hassle of signing up into a new app or website.

Channel Partners

Puut Wallet channel partners can develop additional revenue streams and strengthen relationships with customers as they provision licenses to Puut Wallet platform.

Printing press can expand their business models and revenue stream by offering their customers with a virtual card along side printed cards.

System integrators can avail of this opportunity by connecting customers' applications rapidly with connectivity to the OpenWallet API.

Launch your own wallet without investing in development

Puut Wallet allows businesses to expand their revenue streams, business models and offering to their customers by taking advantage of the white label offering.

Puut Wallet solutions can be delivered as a fully managed service platform that includes a Puut Wallet application customised and branded with the customers's name, logo and look-and-feel.

Service providers and issuers can avail of the white label offering at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Marketplace and retail automation

Merchants can leverage Puut Wallet to expand existing sales channels by taking advantage of its robust bidding feature to bid on user's shopping lists. Moreover Merchants can list offers on the market place, these offers are made available to Puut Wallet holders in that geographic area and can be accepted using either click to pay or click and collect @store functionality.

Moreover, the retail can use Puut Wallet automated service to reduce the queue length in front of the cashiers by configuring popular products as self-collectable, making it possible for users to pick up products from shelves, to scan them with their wallet, using Puut Wallet as payment terminal and to leave the store without having to queue in front of the cashiers.

Reward Customers using Artificial Intelligence with Omega Loyalty

The majority of loyalty programs are designed to reward habits and transactions and not true loyalty, which has led to customers not being emotionally attached to brands. As a result Loyaltyprograms penetration is still very low across all categories, with the dinning, travel, big box retail, clothing, and retail banking reaching respectively 35% , 49%, 45%, 47% and 31% in 2017.

Puut Wallet helps loyalty programs reward customers qualitatively at every step of the way using proprietary algorithms. Puut Wallet seeks to create emotional loyalty that is based on reciprocal appreciation. As a user-centric wallet Puut Wallet can help create a value continuum for loyalty programs.

Leverage Omega Platform to provide personalised financial advisory to customers

Omega platform offers banks and financial services a versatile set of predictive tools for personalising access to financial products. As a Digital Personal Financial Assistant, Omega can turns transactions data and account history into a full-fledged report, indicating customers specific needs.

Hire Omega today and let him assist you anticipating your customers’ needs.

Personalising offering in the retail

Omega platform offers retails and internet businesses a new set of predictive tools that can be used to personalise merchants' offerings.

As a Digital Personal Assistant, Omega provide valuable insight into customers’ next purchase, allowing businesses to meet customers’ expectations.

Hire Omega today and let him assist you in tailoring your offering.

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