Blockchain-based, biometrics-enabled and AI-ready OpenWallet platform for governments

Helping governments deliver citizen- centric public services

The institutional wallet is a blockchain-based, biometrics-enabled and AI-ready OpenWallet platform that helps governments deliver citizen-centric public services while also providing better and future proof tools to civil servants.

Pushing Personal Identification Media to citizens’ mobile wallet

The institutional wallet leverages the power of blockchain and Puut Wallet core features to tokenise and push Personal Identification Media and e-invoices to Puut Wallet users globally on either PaaS or white label basis. This is including but not limited to ID cards, library card, student card, driving license, passports, residence permits, visas, passports and e-invoices.

Reporting tools

Puut Wallet offers an extended reporting tools that helps governments build capabilities to create strategic value and competitive edge.

Using Puut Messenger to keep in Touch

Governments can use the Puut Wallet broadcast feature to contact and communicate with one or thousands of citizens simultaneously.

Launch your own wallet without investing in development

Puut Wallet solutions can be delivered as a fully managed service platform that includes a Puut Wallet applicationcustomised and branded with local or central government's name and look-and-feel. Governments can avail of the white label offering at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

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